//The Covid-19 crisis makes changes in the schedule of ABC 2020 necessary//Three masterclasses during the 2020 festival Barbara Frittoli 7-12 July, Raúl Giménez 13-19 July, Silvia Dalla Benetta 20-26 July

A festival, dedicated to Belcanto which needs young, fresh voices with excellent technical and stylistic skills, wants to help young singers fit for the very special demands of this repertory. That’s the task of ROSSINI IN WILDBAD. Click on the title to read more.

//The Covid-19 makes changes in our schedule necessary. According to the progresses in controlling the virus we hope to propose you a new schedule of ABC for late summer. Please subscribe for our Newsletter ABC to learn the newest//


In the following years, tenor Raúl Gimenez, who started his great teaching career 2003 in Bad Wildbad, and bass Lorenzo Regazzo where the principal teachers. In 2019 Stefania Bonfadelli, Filippo Morace and Silvia Dalla Benetta were teaching for the first time in Bad Wildbad.

This year, we are privileged to present three experienced artists as our teachers.

The active participants of both masterclasses will appear in Rossini&Co-concerts  three matinee concerts in the Kurtheater on July 14, 21 and 28 and eventually will perform in smaller roles within the operas or concerts. Participation in the final concert is mandatory for all students. Should they meet the requirements, active participants may be eligible for the International Belcanto Prize Bad Wildbad. 


Masterclass Barbara Frittoli

This masterclass is organized in collaboration with Stresa Festival (Artistic Director Gianandrea Noseda). A frequent guest in Stresa is Barbara Frittoli, the famous soprano with a broad repertory. The participants of this class will also get preparation for a semistage performance of L‘isola disabitata, a salon opera after Metastasio by Manuel García, during the Stresa festival August 24 2020.


Masterclass Raul Giménez

The Argentinian tenor, as a master of style and technique was an important protagonist of the Rossini Renaissance with countless recordings and performances all over the world. Since he started to teach – it was our festival that offered him this opportunity – he has held masterclasses in Bad Wildbad almost every year. He will be honoured with the IL ROSSINI IN CIMA prize during this year’s festival.


Masterclass Silvia Dalla Benetta

Silvia Dalla Benetta is a leading expert of the belcanto repertory. She sings tireless and with flawless perfection. She is teaching in Italy, and 2019 she also started teaching in our festival.


All active participants have the opportunity to sing in various concerts, and sometimes even in operas. The participation in the final concert is thereby mandatory. Active participants automatically apply for the Belcanto prize 2020 if they fit for the categories.

Enrolment and prices

Enrolment and prices (the enrolment fee is charged only once a year for audition or masterclasses). Passive participants pay half of the full fee. Active participants will have singing lessons and correpetition.


Barbara Frittoli (July 7 - 12 2020) fee 280 euro, active participants may be selected for a scholarship and have the chance to sing in the semistage performance of L‘isola disabitata in Bad Wildbad and Stresa 24.8.2020.

Raúl Giménez (July 13 - 19 2020) fee 280 euro

Silvia Dalla Benetta (July 20 - 26 2020) fee 280 euro

Enrolment fee 50 euro (if not yet paid for audition), fee for each masterclass 280 euro, two masterclasses 440 euro and all three masterclasses 600 euro. Listeners pay half of the fee. With the support of the Freundeskreis, the friends of the festival we provide at least 4 full scholarships each is 1500 euro plus accommodation. Students that participate in the García project in Stresa will receive an extra fee for the travel expenses.

If you didnt pay yet the enrolment fee for the audition, please pay enrolment fee + 140 euro until June 20. The fee includes singing lessons, correpetition and access to selected events of the festival. Listeners have access to the masterclasses and the final concerts.

Please send payment to: 

Touristik Bad Wildbad GmbH 

Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw

IBAN: DE 95 6665 0085 0008 9819 49


Re: ABC2020/yourCLASS/your NAME for example: ABC2020/Frittoli/"Caruso"

The age limit for the INTERNATIONAL BELCANTO PRIZE is 32 years for female and 35 years for male singers. Regulation (in German) can be found here.

The number of participants is limited for the auditions due to time restrictions, active participants for the masterclasses are limited to 8 (9) per masterclass. Please send enrolment until 15 June including CV and if possible a sound recording (link, not file) to akademierossini@gmail.com.

For all additional questions refer to Antonio Staude: akademierossini@gmail.com Re:  ABC2020.

n.b. Si parla italiano.